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practice areas

Civil Litigation
Attorney Rhein has extensive civil litigation experience at all levels, from representing clients at arbitrations, mediations, depositions and administrative hearings to complex bench and jury trials. He also takes great pride in his work ethic and preparation, and understands that motion practice, legal research and discovery are important aspects leading to success at trial. The key to successfully resolving legal matters is to always be prepared to take your case to trial, but to also know when settlement might be in the best interest of your client. Attorney Rhein has successfully tried hundreds of cases, and is constantly attending continuing legal education seminars so he can keep up with the latest changing case law and technology.

Attorney Rhein spent many years representing banks and corporations in complex foreclosure, eviction and general nuisance matters. This is another area of the law which is constantly changing and requires an attorney with extensive experience. Attorney Rhein successfully resolved hundreds of cases, ranging from non-payment of rent or mortgage, property condition issues such as mold, lead paint, asbestos, damage to housing from fire or flooding, drugs or illegal weapons at the property, noise and smoke complaints, missing note or assignment affecting title, and short sales. If you are a landlord or property manager in need of assistance, or a tenant who has having legal issues with his or her landlord, give Attorney Rhein a call!

Workers Compensation
Getting hurt on the job isn’t always the result of a traumatic accident like falling off a roof or getting a limb stuck in machinery. People are often injured over time doing repetitive actions over and over again at their jobs. Att. Rhein knows how to get injured workers total or partial disability payments, along with payments for accompanying scarring, and how to obtain lump sum settlements for his clients. Att. Rhein also has experience working “on the other side” representing workers compensation insurance companies and successfully defending against fraudulent claims. If you are an injured worker who needs help filing a claim or getting payments, or a company or insurance company evaluating a claim, Att. Rhein has the experience and knowledge necessary to get the job done!

Personal Injury
Attorney Rhein specializes in motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall, product liability, and dog bite cases. If you have been injured, it is important to seek medical help and to document your injuries as soon as possible. It is also advised to keep a journal of all symptoms and how your life and family’s life have been affected. Take photographs of the injury and accident site, and get names of potential witnesses who can possibly testify at court if necessary. Keep lists and receipts of medicine and supplies you are using, along with a list of all physicians and therapists you are treating with. It can also be very tricky dealing with insurance companies, including your own, and hiring an attorney with experience in this area is critical. Contact Attorney Rhein so he can navigate this legal landmine for you!

Family Law
Divorces can be a legal nightmare, and Attorney Rhein can assist you with divorce proceedings. From prelitigation strategy, navigating financial statements and child-support guidelines to discovery, mediation and trial, it is important to have the right attorney in your corner. If you need someone to fight for your rights and assist you in this process, contact Attorney Rhein to see how he can help!

Attorney Rhein is also experienced in juvenile law cases, including child custody issues involving neglect and child support, and problems with children in the school system. He represents not only neglected children who have been subject to abuse, but also parents whose children have been wrongfully taken away from them by the system.
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